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I'm WIll, from sunny East Yorkshire & I do a thing at weddings!
combining awful humour with questionable floral shirts,

Im no poser and I'm far from serious. keen on letting my couples be free to enjoy their day, awful banter is key to my work. The more we can laugh and make me seem like a guest, the more natural and fun your photos are! 

a bit of Me

Firstly, Thanks for being interested! For a couple to be reading about myself, it shows that you're here for the same reasons as me! although writing about myself is proper weird and I don't like it!


Where it began

We'll skip the being born bit to the photo bit. although massive shout out to my mum!

I first fell into photography by being bought a camera whilst at secondary school. back then, it was more to photograph animals, pets, landscapes and a bit of sport. The pure basics of

"I've got no idea what im doing!"


AFter Leaving secondary school and heading to college, Photography was one of my options and to be honest, it didn't do anything for me. Fast forward 2 years later and I got asked to do bar photography. if you know me from back then, hey! But to say this was a learning curve is an understatement! A vibrant, fast paced environment, often working with drunks taught me so much. 


A friend who had an interest in photography told me how she'd been asked to do a wedding for a friend, to which I was invited to help out. At this point I'd avoided weddings like the plague! but look who caught the bug!


Why weddings?

Tell me all those years ago that I'd be shooting weddings, I'd have laughed in your face. So what changed? one wedding had me hooked and it's been a love affair every since. I'm not here for dolla, I'm here because I love every single second and getting to know people like you, is a big part of that! I often pinch myself when at a wedding and say "how the hell is this even my job!"

the more we can laugh, get on and just have the best day, the more I actually enjoy. The best bit is, it's then more natural and fun for you! I don't want to be a photographer at your wedding, I want to be the guest you didn't know you needed! If we get to that level, you're living your best life and getting natural photos that represent you! 

The weird, random & brutally odd

Well you've come this far... 
have some more!

Im partial to snacking on a raw mushroom
I don't like tea or coffee
beer is equally off the list
tequila is on the list
I try to play golf
my celeb crush is jess glynne
I own a 1969 vw Beetle
I'm a crier. weddings kill me off
my dream dogs a great dane
full on pizza geek
I don't think dry toast is that bad
photography was my worst subject at college
i'm prone to a McDonalds chicken salad


I mean if you're still happy to book after all that, hats off to you!

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